10th annual
May 3 & 4 ,2002

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Buninyong Film Festival

2002 Program

Festival guest speaker: Mojgan Khadem, director of Serenades.

Screening 1

Screening 2

Screening 3

Screening 4

Screening 5

Friday 3 May at 7:30 pm

Saturday 4 May at 9:15 am

Saturday 4 May at 11:15 am

Saturday 4 May at 3:30 pm

Saturday 4 May at 8:00 pm


  Screening 1
- Friday 3 May at 7:30 pm

Mount Buninyong Winery will conduct a wine tasting and sales in the Supper Room from 7.00 pm

Guest speaker: Mojgan Khadem, director of Serenades
Mojgan will also answer questions after the screening of her film.

Australia, 2001, 99 minutes
Dir: Mojgan Khadem. Stars: Alice Haines, Aden Young, Sinisa Copic.
Jila, daughter of a young aboriginal woman and an Afghan cameleer grows up on a mission. Promised in marriage by her father, she hopes to be able to marry the young German boy she loves. "Russell Boyd's superb cinematography captures remote Australian locations and draws us into a melee of culture where the exotic collides with the conservative. The colours and textures are as varied as life itself." Louisa Keller

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Late Night Session at 10:30 pm

They're A Weird Mob
Australia, 2001, 99 minutes

Dir: Michael Powell. Stars: Walter Chiara, Chips Rafferty, Ed Devereux, John Meillon, Clare Dunne.
A hopeful young arrival from Italy experiences a very difficult start in Australia. He slowly learns the hidden codes of Aussie mateship and the rituals of BBQs, pub shouts and other dinky-di activities. Eventually, he lands a job and a cross-cultural romance develops. A Comic, but timely, reminder that life has never been easy for "New Australians". Melbourne Film festival brochure 2001
New print from The Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection, made possible with the support of Kodak (Australasia) and Atlab (Australasia)

  Screening 2 - Saturday 4 May at 9.15 am

Modern Times
USA, 1935, 87 minutes
Producer, director, script editor, music and star: Charlie Chaplin. Also stars Paulette Goddard, Chester Conklin.
Charlie unsuccessfully assumes a variety of occupations from assembly lline worker to singing waiter. In between, he becomes one of the unemployed, a willing prisoner and the companion of a working class girl. "This series of set pieces is in turn cynical and ironic, sentimental and nostalgic. Chaplin's naivety is disarming. His genius as a performer is timeless." ACMI Catalogue

  Screening 3
- Saturday 4 May at 11:15 am

The Vertical Ray of the Sun
Vietnam, 2001, 112 minutes
Dir: Anh Hung. Stars:Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Tran Nu Yen Khe, Le Khanh, Ngo Quang Hai.
Three sisters live in present day Hanoi. Suong runs a restaurant and employs the youngest, Lien, as a waitress. Middle sister, Kanh, is newly pregnant and happily married. Although they seem close, each has a secret snd the next few weeks will bring upheaval and renewal.
"This is a beautifully filmed meditation on the very human need to keep up appearances. Mark Lee's camera work is nothing less than sublime, the colours rich and extremely beautiful, seductive even. It is accompanied by lovely low key music with some surprising English language songs." David Stratton

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LUNCH BREAK (1:00 to 2:00)
Soup, sandwiches and slices will be available in the Town Hall. Be sure to indicate this on the booking form.

FRESH AIR (2:00 to 3:00)
Join us for an optional walk around the Buninyong, conducted by a member of the Buninyong Historical Society.
Meet at the Town Hall at 2.00

  Screening 4 - Saturday 4 May at 3:30 pm

Divided We Fall
Czech Republic , 2001, 117 minutes
Dir: Jan Hrebejk. Stars: Bolek Polivka, Anna Siskova, Csongo Kassai.
A strongly directed, surprise-filled narrative abouta couple who hide a Jewish friend in their pantry. It soon becomes obvious that they are not natural heroes and frequent visits by a local Nazi collaborator brings a series of more complicated deceptions and near disasters.
"Some finely judged comic moments pepper a moving story that bypasses cliches in search of a deeper statement about forgiveness, human frailty and the nature of freindship." Jim Schembri
Nominated for Best Foreign Film - Academy Award 2001 Most popular feature film - Sydney Film Festival 2001

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DINNER BREAK (6:00 to 7:45)

If you want to dine in one of Buninyong's restaurants on this evening, please make your OWN booking.

  Screening 5 - Saturday 4 May at 8:00 pm

Monsoon Wedding
India, 2001, 114 minutes
Dir: Mira Nair. Stars: Naseeruddin Shah, lilette Dubey, Vasunhara Das
A beautiful gaudy comedy that will leave you smiling for hours after you have left the cinema. The last minute arranged marriage of Adit and Hemant provide the setting for the film. As their two families arrive in New Delhi from all over the globe to celebrate the marriage, five interesting stories emerge, each concerned with family and romantic love.
"This film is filled with a fantastic ensemble of characters, rich tactile colours and a distinctive blend of traditional and popular Indian music." Nicloa Davey
Winner Golden Lion - Venice Film Festival 2001

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