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2003 Program

2003 Screening times

Screening 1

Screening 2

Screening 3

Screening 4

Screening 5

Friday 2 May at 7:30 pm

Saturday 3 May at 9:15 am

Saturday 3 May at 11:00 am

Saturday 3 May at 3:30 pm

Saturday 3 May at 8:00 pm

  Screening 1
- Friday 2 May at 7:30 pm

Mount Buninyong Winery will conduct a wine tasting and sales in the Supper Room from 7.00 pm

Guest speaker: Bob Rothols, long time organiser and supporter
of the film festival movement will open this year’s festival.
Special guest from “Australian Rules” will introduce the film.

Australian Rules
Australia, 2002, 98 minutes
Buninyong Film Festival - Australian Rules

Dir: Paul Goldman. Stars: Nathan Phillips, Luke Carroll, Lisa Flanagan, Tom Budge, Simon Westaway, Kevin Harrington.

If ever there was a movie that captured an entire country in its small-town tale, this is it. The action takes place in a decrepit coastal town in South Australia, where a white teenage boy sees his friendship with an Aboriginal school and footy chum torn in two by racial prejudice. Beautifully acted and exquisitely filmed, it threads a sport-as-life theme with irresistible Australian humour and dark-edged drama. – “Sydney Morning Herald”

Reviews and Production Details

SUPPER, followed by LATE NIGHT SESSION at 10:30 pm

Spirited Away
Japan, 2002, 122 minutes (dubbed in English)
Buninyong Film Festival - Spirited Away

Dir/Animator: Hayao Miyazaki

Japan, 2001, 122 mins. Dir/Animator - Hayao Miyazaki. Rich, strange and utterly compelling animated film from Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki. The parents of ten-year-old Chihiro become transformed into animals while exploring an odd, apparently abandoned theme park. The only way to restore them is for Chihiro to take a job in the theme park, by night a bathhouse for spirits and gods, presided over by a fearsome witch. The visual design is extremely rich and the level of invention prodigious. Every element of the film (the storyboard, the animation, the music) is testimony to a considerable talent. A film for all ages, although small children might find it disconcerting. Phillipa Hawker, “The Age”

Winner of 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Reviews and Production Details

  Screening 2 - Saturday 3 May at 9.15 am

Satin Rouge
France/Tunisia, 2002, 100 minutes.

Dir: Raja Amari

Due to unforeseen circumstances, “The Gleaners and I” has been replaced with SATIN ROUGE.
This warm-hearted Tunisian film, about belly dancing, follows Lilia (Hiam Abbass), a rather severe widow and seamstress, as she discovers the soul sleeping inside her. The story is handled with confidence and a gentle sense of humour that’s most attractive. – David Stratton
Winner of New Director’s Showcase Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, 2002.

Reviews & Production Details

  Screening 3
- Saturday 4 May at 11:00 am

9 Queens
Argentina, 2001, 114 minutes (In Spanish with English subtitles)
Buninyong Film Festival - Nine Queens

Dir: Fabian Bielinsky

The story of two-small-time swindlers who set off on a spree of con-jobs throughout Buenos Aires. This leads to much bigger things, involving a crazy plan and a set of fake stamps. A host of suspicious characters enter the picture, until it becomes more and more difficult to figure out who is conning whom. Intricate plotting and a masterly ensemble cast make this a seductive study of elusive trickery. “Enormous fun for thinking audiences.” Rated R - language.

Reviews and Production Details

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LUNCH BREAK (1:00 to 2:00)
Soup, sandwiches and slices will be available in the Town Hall. Be sure to indicate this on the booking form.

FRESH AIR (2:00 to 3:00)
Join us for an optional short walk to Mt Innes with Anne Beggs-Sunter of the Buninyong Historical Society.
Meet at the Buninyong Town Hall at 2.00

  Screening 4 - Saturday 3 May at 3:30 pm

The Powers of 10

Italian for Beginners

USA, 1977. Short film by Charles and Ray Eames.
Based on the book “Cosmic Ray”, this stunning short is a rough sketch for a proposed film dealing with the powers of ten and the relative size of things in the universe.
Denmark , 2001, 112 minutes (In Danish with English subtitles)

Buninyong Film Festival - Italian for Beginners

Dir: Lone Scherfig

A delightfully nutty and unexpectedly romantic comedy about grieving, loneliness, death and learning to speak Italian. The six main characters, most of whom are misfits, have each been touched by pain. Without ever shirking this, the film reveals Scherfig’s sharp sense of humour and her engaging sense of the absurd. A charming film with substance and genuine humanity performed by a splendid cast. – Jim Schembri "The Age"

Reviews and Production Details

DINNER BREAK (6:00 to 7:45)

If you would like to dine in one of Buninyong's restaurants on this evening,
please make your OWN booking. See Saturday Evening Dinner for details

  Screening 5 - Saturday 3 May at 8:00 pm

With special introduction by the legendary Motown musician, Gil Askey

Standing in the Shadows of Motown
USA, 2002, 108 minutes
Buninyong Film Festival - Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Dir: Paul Justman

First-class musical documentary paying long overdue tribute to the Funk Brothers, the large team of musicians who played on many of Motown’s biggest hits. Their credits included The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder. The Funk brothers – the ones that are left – regroup to talk about old times, revisit old haunts and play music again, with some incredible contemporary vocalists. Archival material is also included. This is fascinating stuff...Great stories, terrific music and a great acknowledgement of their contribution to the fame and fortune of others. Margaret Pomeranz “The Movie Show"

Reviews, Production Details and more about Gil Askey

Like to see another interesting film after the Festival?
The Ballarat China Community Committee is screening Big Shot's Funeral
(Chinese & English language comedy)
At the Regent Theatre, Ballarat, 11 am Sunday 18th May 2003
Big Shot's Funeral details

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