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2017 Festival Program


We are celebrating our silver 25th anniversary this year. There will be heaps of giveaways and patrons are encouraged to dress in silver throughout the festival. A Judge's Prize will be awarded on Saturday night to the most stylish costume (or the most imaginative or fun, or whatever catches the Judge's fancy).

Session 1 - Friday 26 May at 7:00 pm




Bentley Dean filming
"Tanna" with Marie
Wawa and Mungau Dain

Australia, Vanuatu/2016/104 Minutes/In Nauvahal with English subtitles/15+/
Directors: Bentley Dean and Martin Butler
This film is a cinematic translation of a song about two lovers who dared to defy the ancient laws of arranged marriage. Moreover, the young lovers' story changed the course of Kastom (culture) on the island.
Of note, is the fact that the Tanna cast did not have any acting experience nor are they literate. The story and dialogue were both developed over the course of the six month shoot through workshopping, improvisation on location and close consultation with JJ Nako, the translator, cultural interpreter, guide and advisor.
"Tanna is a movie in which every single shot is picturesque, and more than a few of them are genuinely beautiful". Glenn Kenny, The New York Times
Tanna was nominated for a 2017 Academy Award: Best Foreign Film

The screening of "Tanna" will be followed by a Q&A session with co-director Bentley Dean who spent 6 months living in Vanuatu with his family, working on the film. He has great stories to tell!

SUPPER (9:15)

Fresh sandwiches, cakes and hot savouries are served in the Supper Room
(Included in Friday night and Season tickets)


Session 2 - Friday 26 May, 9:45 pm

Neon Bull

Neon Bull

Brazil/2015/101 Minutes/In Portuguese with English subtitles/18+/
Director: Gabriel Mascaro
A rodeo worker dreams of designing fabulous frocks in this sensual and evocative Brazilian film, which won a Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.
"An intoxicating reflection on the interconnection of taste, scent, instinct and desire, the film immerses you in the intensely pungent world of vaquejada". Stephen Holden, The New York Times


Session 3 - Saturday 27 May, 9am

The Salesman

>The Salesman

Iranian/2017/123 Minutes/In Persian with English subtitles/15+/
Director: Asghar Farhadi
A characteristically taut study of human frailty and emotional complexity, which won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Farhadi chose Miller's play The Death of a Salesman, as his story within a story, as both share similar themes.
"As much as whodunits, Farhadi makes whatdunits and whydunit". David Edelstein,Vulture

Morning tea (11am)


Session 4 - Saturday 27 May, 11:45am

Cinema Mon Amour

Cinema Mon Amour

Romania, Czech Republic/2015/70 Minutes/In Romanian with English subtitles/15+
Director: Alexandru Belc
A droll and beguiling tale of eccentric manager and movie tragic Victor Puricee's tireless attempts to breathe life into one of the last remaining cinemas in Romania.
"The documentary ends on an uncertain note, but it is the realist's conclusion we anticipate". Lidiya Josifova, Sydney Film Festival

LUNCH BREAK (approx 1pm to 2pm)

Yummy home-cooked soup, sandwiches, cakes and slices will be available in the Town Hall for $20
Be sure to book this via our booking page. Complimentary tea/coffee.


Session 5 - Saturday 27 May, 2:15pm

Girl Asleep

Girl Asleep

Australia/2015/77Minutes/In English/ Suitable for ages 10 and up
Director: Rosemary Myers
14-year-old Greta Driscoll, a shy and awkward teenager holding on to adolescence, is propelled into a weird parallel place during her 15th birthday party, where she is challenged to find herself.
"A strange, savvy, big-hearted teen adventure that feels perfectly pitched to its target audience as well as those of all ages in search of something unquestionably unique". Eddie Cockrell, Variety

Gold coin entry - proceeds to a youth-oriented charity.
This session must be booked as normal (for no fee) via our booking page
Free popcorn and mini choc-tops will be offered to patrons before this film.


Session 6 - Saturday 26 May, 4pm

The Clan

The Clan

Argentina/2015/108 Minutes/In Spanish with English subtitles/15+
Director: Pablo Trapero
Based on a true story, this film explores the events surrounding the kidnappings orchestrated by the surf shop-owning Puccio family, in Argentina in the early eighties.
"A slick thriller from Argentina's Pablo Trapero brilliantly juxtaposes domestic life and the kidnapping business". Wendy Ide, The Guardian

DINNER BREAK (6 to 7.45pm)

A special Film Festival Dinner will be available at the Pig & Goose restaurant for $55 per person.
Be sure to book this via our booking page.
Guests are invited to dress in silver to celebrate the festival's silver 25th anniversary.


Session 7 - Saturday 28 May, 8pm

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

The Life and Death of Otto Bloom

Australia/2016/85 Minutes/In English/15+
Director: Cris Jones
The chronicle of the life and great love of Otto Bloom, an extraordinary man who experiences time in reverse, passing backwards through the years only remembering the future.
"Otto Bloom might be different and unusual, but it's designed to entertain, to be full of ideas and with a message of hope". Philippa Hawker, Sydney Morning Herald

The Festival's spectacular 25th Anniversary cake will be shared with the audience after this session.

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