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There comes a time for all good things to come to an end and after eight years of frivolous and serious fun with its Marmalade initiative, the Buninyong Marmalade Association has decided to cease operations as of June 2018. The Committee has left a final note of thanks on the home page.

The Marmalashes website is being retained for historical reasons to commemorate the lively years of the Marmalashes and the Marvellous Buninyong Marmalade Fair

Australia wins the MarmalAshes again in 2017

At the International Marmalade Awards in Cumbria the Australian XI had a hat trick in 2011-2012-2013, England XI triumphed with wins in 2014 and 2015 and a draw in 2016. Australia won again in 2017.

Full results from Cumbria at Marmalade Awards

The MarmalAshes trophy

In 2011, Australia's disastrous Ashes loss to England, combined with the need to find an independent adjudicator in the important area of marmalade pride, led to the incarnation of the MarmalAshes trophy in the small Victorian gold-rush village of Buninyong in western Victoria, Australia.

Rather than sit around and mope for the two years to the next Test series, Buninyong decided to challenge England to something else they claim to have invented - marmalade.

And the trophy - the MarmalAshes.

The MarmalAshes had to be an exact replication of cricket's historic Ashes that are 'bolted down' at Lords, never to tour. So, even when Australia wins cricket's grandest prize - the worthless little Ashes urn - Australians have to travel to Lords to view the trophy they've won.


Strictly in keeping with these principles, the MarmalAshes, a tiny jar filled with an unknown something, was empanelled in the Dock of the old Buninyong Courthouse in a dignified and moving procession led by local Mayor, Cr Craig Fletcher followed by local dignatories to much media attention. So the MarmalAshes are now incarcerated - never to leave.

Let it be known that we chose the Dock of our old Courthouse to honour The Barmy Army, England cricket's ever-enthusiastic and melodious support group, who continually and songfully remind us that many an Australian came to this country via the Dock of an English court!

Also like the Ashes urn which is said to contain burnt items - variously cricket bails, a ball cover or women's clothing - the contents of the tiny MarmalAshes are unknown, although instant legend has it that the jar contains a very burnt batch of marmalade - but that's just one of life's little mysteries!

Who is eligible to send in entries for selection in the Australian Eleven?

Answer: Anyone with an Australian address and the will to beat the Poms at something they claim to have invented!

In a television interview, above, Russell Luckock relates the history of the MarmalAshes trophy after their empanelment in the Dock of the old Buninyong Courthouse by Mayor of Ballarat, Cr Craig Fletcher (left of photo). Looking on are (l to r) Cr Ben Taylor, Jim Clementson, President of the Buninyong Ward Progress Association, marmalade-makers Lyn Fleming and June Henderson, President of Buninyong CWA and Neil McCracken, of the Buninyong Historical Society. (photo Stephanie Patterson, 16/2/2011)









Buninyong Marvellous Marmalade Fair
The Selectors will be at the Buninyong Marvellous Marmalade Fair
in Buninyong, near Ballarat, Western Victoria,
Saturday 3rd February 2018 at 1pm

Buninyong Town Hall









What can you do?

  1. Register your interest anytime (click here)
  2. Read the Rules (click here) and start making two jars of your best marmalade
  3. In January 2018 print the Entry form (here), fill it out and include entry fee (donated to Home Hospice) of $8 per entry (2 jars)
  4. Post or bring your entry to Buninyong to arrive any time in January up to 25th January 2018