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The Buninyong Newsletter is produced by the Buninyong and District Community Association.

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History of the Buninyong News

The first edition hit the streets on 26th July 1977. Reading it today jogs the memory of times past and gives interesting glimpses into life in Buninyong, 35 years ago.     
Issue No.1 July 1977 consisted of eight pages and covered items such as:

* Kid's Corner by Uncle Bill (written by the headmaster of Buninyong Primary School, Peter Carter). A Children's Contribution: "The grade 5 & 6 girls played against the Napoleon and Magpie girls for a game of softball.  As we started the game Joanne Peoples was hit by a football and was taken out of the game";
* Films for Children shown at the school on Saturday afternoons (admission 50cents);
* Concert to Aid School Camps to Halls Gap and Adekate at Dean; 
* News of an Innovation Grant to set up ceramics and photography programs in the restored Miner's Court cottage in the school grounds;
* Badminton team times - the contacts were Mrs L Huggins and Mr & Mrs R Parkinson;  
* Football Club News that announced that Cr Tom Mahoney was re-elected President;  
* Buninyong Gardens Restoration Group progress report of which Mrs D Whykes was the Secretary, with Mr R Vagg President and Cr Tom Mahoney Treasurer; 
* * St Peter and Paul's Catholic Church calling for donations of magazines and books to take to the residents of Brim Brim; 
* Holy Trinity Anglican Church services were in the small Sunday School Hall because the interior walls of the Church were being restored; 

Buninyong and District Community News

2012-2014: the change to online publication

The Buninyong and District Community Newsletter marked its 35th Birthday with its first digital edition in July 2012.

Newsletter committee members collating the last copy of the print-only version of the Buninyong News, in the Old Library, July 2012
collating the last printed newsletter

Over its span of 35 years, it produced many memorable issues documenting local events and aspects of the lives of local people. Even the flow of advertisements makes a fascinating record of the coming and goings of Buninyong's small businesses over the years: some remain, such as the Buninyong Supermarket which has just moved to much-enlarged premises, others have been replaced by new ventures. Remember Michael Whiteside's Old tin Shed, Joyce Nicholls' junk shop, the Buninyong Saddlery and the Old Library Pottery?

Buninyong and District Community News

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The high-quality newsletter is co-ordinated by the Buninyong & District Community Association (BDCA) and is available in print at many designated outlets in Buninyong as well as being posted online each month.

Community members and groups are invited to submit material for the Buninyong Community Newsletter.

  • Copy for articles should be no more than 400 words and may be accompanied by a photo (max 2)
  • Articles should be submitted by the 12th of each month and forwarded by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Advertising enquiries should be directed to 5341 2844

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2017 online editions

October 2017: Congratulations to the Buninyong & District Community News for its success in this year's Community Newspaper Association of Victoria awards. Our paper was judged winner of the Best Layout and Design and Best Sports Reporting and was a finalist in the Best Feature Story and Best Editorial Comment categories of this year's awards. Well done team!

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